Louisiana-Mississippi Bicycle Racing Association  




    • Advertising on the LAMBRA Website
      Event promoters, clubs and others can place advertisements on the LAMBRA website.
    • USA Cycling Logos
      Please include the USAC logo on event announcements and event websites.
    • USAC RaceClean Logo
      Include this on your flyers and websites. LAMBRA participates in the RaceClean program. Wn EPS format version is also available on request.
    • LAMBRA and LCCS Logos
      Please include the LCCS logo on events that are part of the LAMBRA Cycling Cup Series
    • LAMBRA Brochure
      Informational Brochure for distribution at events (5 MB)
    • Joining LAMBRA
      All currently active USAC road clubs that have paid their annual dues LAMBRA are LAMBRA members. In order for races to receive designation as LAMBRA Cycling Cup (LCCS) events, promoting clubs must pay annual dues.
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